R&D Project: Solar2HyP

Funding Organization: National / ESPA
Contract no.: 5072495
Partners: Elpra – Power Electronics, Embedded Control, MNLT IKE, CREPI/CERTH, Lab. Process Systems Design and Implementation (PSDI), FORTH / ICE-HT
Duration: From: 2020 – to: 2023
Total Budget: 969.916,70 EURO
ICE-HT Budget: 216.097,50 EURO
Year Period: 2018-2021
Type: national
Website: http://solar2hyp.iceht.forth.gr/
ELPRA’s participation role: 
ELPRA is responsible for conceptualizing, designing, prototyping and manufacturing the Input DC-DC Converter, the Output DC-DC Converter along with an Embedded Control System. Additionally, the team participated in many other aspects of the project, such as defining key operating parameters and architecture of the total system.

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